Student Government


The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) is the student government organization. The ASSC ensures that the needs and concerns of the student body are addressed and heard in the campus and district decision-making process. The ASSC also provides and supports a wide range of educational, cultural and social programs at Skyline College

Goals & Objectives

  • Advocate for and protect student rights
  • Increase cultural understanding of social justice and student equity
  • Develop and implement student events
  • Improve communication between all campus and district constituency groups
  • Develop an inclusive and responsive campus climate that encourages open communication and dialogue between students, faculty and staff
  • Increase and improve financial resources and services for students

ASSC Services to Students

  • Represents students on college and district committees
  • Provides leadership opportunities
  • Offers scholarships
  • Lobbies for students’ rights at the state and federal level
  • Provides partial funding for student clubs and departmental activities
  • Funds leadership events
  • Donates to campus-wide events and activities

Voting member positions in the ASSC are obtained through elections or by appointment. Any interested student with a minimum GPA of 2.05, enrolled in at least six units, and who has paid the Student Body Fee is eligible to participate. Students can pick up an application from the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development, Building 6, Room 6-212, during election season or visit the ASSC webpages at