Honors Transfer Program

The Honors Transfer Program is an undergraduate research program designed to nurture all Skyline College students in all academic disciplines as they grow and challenge themselves in academic commitment and pursuit of rigorous, creative, community-based, and culturally relevant scholarship. A goal of the program is to produce thoughtful, respectful, and honorable scholars.

A community of peers, staff, and faculty will serve as wrap-around support for students in the program, as students can fulfill original, semester-long research projects as they develop deeper relationships with faculty-mentors. Students will also receive priority registration, have the opportunity to become a student leader or member of the Honors Club, and they will be eligible for transfer through the UC Transfer Alliance Program, and they will have access to scholarship opportunities to esteemed, four-year universities.

Students can take the Honors Research Seminar (Interdisciplinary Studies 105), receive Honors credit for individual courses, or they can earn a certificate of completion. Apply to become an Honors Transfer Program scholar today!

In order to graduate from the Honors Transfer Program, the following C.O.R.E. exit requirements are either in progress or completed for students:

  • Complete 4 or more Honors contract courses totaling at least 15 units
  • Overall minimum college and honors GPA of 3.25
  • Research projects in each Honors contract course
  • Engage in 16 hours of mutual aid (volunteering, community service)


Each Honors course completed will be noted “Honors” on the student’s transcript. The designation of “Honors Transfer Program Graduate” will appear on the transcript and the degree, if applicable, of those students who complete the program. They will also be recognized at graduation. In addition, many universities recognize academic excellence as reflected by the completion of the program.

For more information and an application form, visit the Honors Transfer Program web page at www.skylinecollege.edu/honorstransfer/.