Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education (Coop Ed) Program at Skyline College offers students the opportunity to earn elective units of credit for work, volunteer and internship experience. Employed students establish written job-related goals with their work supervisors which are submitted to the assigned Cooperative Education Instructor. A Coop Ed student must work in the established goal areas and make measurable progress on each written goal during the course of the semester.

Students may earn a total of 16 Coop Ed units at Skyline College. A total of 16 Coop Ed units are transferable to the California State Universities (CSU).

Upon completion of the Coop Ed program students will be able to:

  • Gain realistic work experience that is meaningfully related to the student’s college study program.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for successful employment.
  • Demonstrate an increase in confidence and positive self-image through a worthwhile on-the-job experience.
  • Develop a professional network and clarify career goals.
  • Fulfill the “experience required” stipulation associated with many job openings.

The Cooperative Education Program is part of the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division and creates seamless support and wrap around services for students with our Career Readiness and Job Placement Hub designed to support students in landing their dream job and taking their current work experiences to the next level!

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