The Mission-Vision-Values (MVV) Of Skyline College

Mission Statement

To empower and transform a global community of learners.

Vision Statement

Skyline College inspires a global and diverse community of learners to achieve intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal fulfillment.

Values Statement

Education is the foundation of our democratic society. Thus:

Social Justice: We are committed to a comprehensive diversity framework that promotes social justice throughout all policies, procedures, and practices of the College.

Campus Climate: We value a campus-wide climate that reflects a ‘students first philosophy' with mutual respect between all constituencies and appreciation for diversity. Both instruction and student services are dedicated to providing every student with an avenue to success.

Open Access: We are committed to the availability of quality educational programs and services for every member of our community regardless of level of preparedness, socio-economic status, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, cultural, religious, or ethnic background, or disability status. We are committed to providing students with open access to programs and responsive student services both in person and online that enable them to advance steadily toward their goals.

Student Success and Equity: We value students’ success in achieving their goals, on-time, and strengthening their voices as they transform their lives through their educational experience. We aim to identify and address equity gaps through evidence-based research to ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed.

Academic Excellence: We value excellence in all aspects of our mission as a comprehensive community college offering preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate institution, workforce and economic development through career technical education programs and certificates, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, a baccalaureate degree, basic skills development, and lifelong learning. We are committed to academic rigor and quality with relevant, recent, and evolving curricula and well-equipped programs that include new and emerging areas of study. We are dedicated to an educational climate that values creativity, innovation and freedom of intellectual exploration, discovery, thought, and exchange of ideas.

Community Partnerships: We value a deep engagement with the community we serve through collaborating with local school districts, industry, non-profits, government and the arts. Valuing our role as an academic and cultural center, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the labor market and community.

Participatory Governance: We value just, fair, inclusive, and well understood, transparent governance processes based upon open and honest communication.

Sustainability: We value an institutional culture that represents a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and justice. We are committed to the tenets of sustainability “To meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”