President's Message

Welcome to Skyline College!

Skyline College is a leader among community colleges across the nation. It is a place where our diverse culture and community of students come together to learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. As the Acting President of Skyline College, I am honored to serve an institution dedicated to empowering and transforming a global community of learners. Moreover, we are an institution that is unwavering of our commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice.

As a critical educational leader, I am committed to moving Skyline College forward with our Educational Master Plan. This plan outlines our vision for the future of Skyline College and a roadmap to how we will be providing quality education to our students. I am committed to our values:

  • Social justice: We are committed to a comprehensive diversity framework that promotes social justice throughout all policies
  • Campus Climate: We create a campus-wide climate that reflects a ‘students first philosophy'
  • Open Access: We are committed to the availability of quality educational programs and services for every member of our community
  • Student Success and Equity: We value students’ success in achieving their goals, on time, and strengthening their voices
  • Academic Excellence: We value excellence in all aspects of our mission as a comprehensive community college
  • Community Partnerships: We value a deep engagement with the community we serve
  • Participatory Governance: We value just, fair, inclusive, and well understood, transparent governance processes
  • Sustainability: We value an institutional culture that is committed to environmental sustainability and justice. 

I am confident that Skyline College will continue to be innovators and trailblazers among community colleges. Together, we will create a just and transformative experience for a global community of learners. 

Thank you for allowing Skyline College to be a part of your academic journey.



Newin Orante, Ed.D 

Acting President

acting president Dr. Newin Orante