Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM)

Brothers Achieving Milestones (BAM) provides space for men of color at Skyline College to speak freely, engage in a supportive community of men and strive for personal and academic success. BAM enables members to excel academically, make positive change on campus and in their communities, demonstrate their individual and collective strengths and build one another into the leadership of the future. We encourage you to invest in yourself and join BAM Today!

BAM offers a series of services to facilitate student success and build a support community. While programming is regularly developed to meet the needs and interest of students, the following sessions occur each semester:

  • Chop-It-Up-Sessions: On Tuesdays, lunch discussions on “Hot Topics of the Day and Personal Development” as well as relevant topics to prepare students for their future. Lunch is provided at each Chop-It-Up Session.
  • Campus Tours and Career Development: BAM host multiple campus tours for those interested in transferring to a four-year college or university, with networking with Financial Aid, Admissions, Academic Departments and student groups. Travel and lunch are provided.
  • Professional Development: BAM helps students develop tangible professional development skills, networking opportunities, and leadership development. Past events included meetings with Google, leadership conference attendance and a BAM Leadership Retreat.
  • Social and Cultural Activities: In building our brotherhood, BAM host several social events during the semester. The dates and times are determined by the brotherhood. Past events included bowling, Division I basketball games, SF Giants game and movie premiers. Tickets, travel and lunch typically provided.
  • Understanding Your Cultural Assets: BAM will empower you to utilize all of your cultural capital and to capture and employ your talents, strengths and experiences to your Skyline education. 
  • Math Support: Take advantage of your own personal Master Tutor to help you understand and pass your math and stats courses! 

For more information, contact TRiO and BAM Director Michael Stokes at, call (650) 738-4161 or visit Building 5, Room 5-103.

Women's Mentoring and Leadership Academy (WMLA)

The Women's Mentoring and Leadership Academy (WMLA) mission includes empowering and transforming women at Skyline College to achieve personal and professional growth. We seek to accomplish this mission by providing women from disproportionately impacted groups with social and academic support via individual, group and peer mentoring and through leadership development opportunities. WMLA aims to provide contextualized and experiential learning that will foster intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal fulfillment for women who participate in the academy.

The Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy is part of the dynamic programming offered through the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division at Skyline College and delivers a variety of experiences that support women's access to quality jobs along with the skills and tools necessary to have a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.

Goals for the women who participate in the academy are to:

  • Obtain knowledge regarding how to reach educational, career, personal and financial goals
  • Build healthy interpersonal and intercultural relationships
  • Develop effective interpersonal and intercultural communication skills
  • Identify how communication, identity and culture inform individuals' gendered experiences in everyday life
  • Develop and hone leadership and workforce readiness skills
  • Gain local and global experiences through service learning and study abroad

For more information regarding the Women’s Mentoring and Leadership Academy or to join the program please email Professor Danielle Powell at