Educational Access Center

Skyline College’s Educational Access Center (EAC) is designed to equalize the educational opportunities of students with disabilities. Skyline College offers services to students with learning disabilities, psychological disabilities, long or short-term physical disabilities and/or other documented disabilities. Services include, but are not limited to,note taking, ASL interpreting, registration assistance, extended testing time, lockers, assistive technology, Educational Access courses, adaptive physical education classes, alternate formats of textbooks and printed materials upon request.

Skyline College and the EAC are committed to providing services that will enhance the educational experience of students with disabilities. For a more detailed description of the program, stop by the EAC, Building 5, Room 5-132 or call (650) 738-4280.

The Educational Access Center faculty and staff have identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for the various services provided by the Educational Access Center:

  • Student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of their disabilities, accommodations and services available for them.
  • EAC students will use their accommodations (i.e., test proctoring, textbooks in alternate format and text-to-speech program such as Kurzweil 3000).
  • Students will show they are satisfied with the types and availability of services provided by EAC.

Assistive Technology Program

The Assistive Technology (AT) Program gives students with disabilities access to computers using adaptive software and hardware and courses to support their use of assistive technology. Students learn to use these tools while completing coursework from other classes in which they are enrolled. Students with disabilities have access to the computers with adaptive hardware and software throughout the day and evenings at various locations on campus and in Building 5, Room 5-131, during Assistive Technology Lab hours. The software available for students includes, but is not limited to, scan and read programs (e.g., Kurzweil 3000/1000), voice recognition (e.g., Dragon NaturallySpeaking), word prediction (e.g., WordQ), screen magnification (e.g., ZoomText), and a screen reader (e.g., JAWS).

As part of the Assistive Technology Program, students with learning or physical disabilities may request and receive their textbooks, tests and classroom materials in alternate format (e.g., electronic text, Braille or large print) from the Alternate Media Specialist. For more information, contact the Assistive Technology Program Office, Building 5, Room 5-131 or call (650) 738-4497.

Differential Learning Skills Program

The Differential Learning Skills Program offers services to students with suspected and documented learning/learning-related disabilities. Services include, but are not limited to, evaluation and document review, assistance with accommodations, development of advocacy skills, Educational Access (EDAC) courses to support their learning, review of learning styles and related study strategies. For further information, visit the Educational Access Center, located in Building 5, Room 5-132 or call (650) 738-4108.