Promise Scholars Program

The Promise Scholars Program provides incoming first-time students with up to three full year of a fee waivers, textbook assistance, transportation incentives, and intensive counseling and academic support. The intention of the Promise Scholars Program is to accelerate students’ paths toward achieving their educational goals, whether their goal is to earn a certificate, an associate degree, or complete requirements to successfully transfer to a four-year institution. This is more than a scholarship. The program aims to provide all Scholars a supportive, engaged, and inclusive community – a home on campus. We expect all students in the program to regularly participate in counseling, career development, and utilize the program’s academic resources.

The program is open to degree or certificate-seeking first-time college students who can commit to attending Skyline College full-time for the entire duration of their degree or certificate (12 units minimum per semester, with 15 units highly encouraged, for up to three years).

To learn more about the Promise Scholars Program application process, visit For additional information or questions, please contact us at