Registration is conducted through WebSMART to enroll in classes, add and/or drop classes, access final grades, and pay college fees.

Students who have been continuously enrolled will receive an appointment to register each semester. Registration can be done on or after the registration appointment date. Fees are due at the time of registration. You may pay fees on-line by credit card or in person by credit card, cash, personal check or money order.

New students who intend to earn an Associate degree, transfer to a four-year college or university, earn a certificate from a vocational program, discover career interests/prepare for a new career, improve basic skills in English, reading or math, and those students who are undecided about their goal are expected to complete enrollment requirements.

New students who wish to take courses for personal enrichment, improve present job skills, satisfy requirements for another educational institution, or who have already earned an Associate or higher degree may utilize enrollment services but are not required to do so.

Registration Limitations

  1. A student may take no more than 19 units in Fall and Spring semesters or 11 units in Summer Session without the special approval of a counselor, the Dean of Counseling, or the Dean of Enrollment Services. This unit limitation is inclusive of all courses with San Mateo County Community College District. 

    A program of 12 units or more is considered full-time in establishing eligibility for athletics, financial aid, International Student visas, Veterans benefits, and most other benefits which are dependent upon full-time enrollment status for maximum benefits. Some financial assistance programs pro-rate benefits based on a reduced unit load. Students should check with their program coordinator for specific unit requirements.

    Enrollment status is defined as follows: Full-time = 12+ units; three-quarter time = 9-11 units; half-time = 6-8 units; and less than half-time = .5-5.5 units.
  2. A student is not permitted to enroll in two or more different courses when the meeting times for the courses overlap. A petition may be made for extenuating circumstances. Forms are available online at
  3. A student will not be permitted to register in a course if three (3) attempts have been recorded for the same course. See “Course Repetition” under the Academic Standards section of this Catalog.

Choice Of College

Residents of the District may elect to attend Skyline College, College of San Mateo or Cañada College. In the event the capacity of a class or classes at one college is reached, students may be advised to enroll at one of the other colleges. Academic major and date of application will be considered if such diversion becomes necessary.

Registration Changes/Withdrawal

Prior to the beginning of the semester or summer session and throughout the Late Registration period, schedule changes are completed using WebSMART.

All schedule changes are the responsibility of the student. A student  who  is registered in a course and stops attending will not be automatically withdrawn and may receive a penalty grade. It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw following prescribed procedures and timelines as published in the Class Schedule, on the Class Schedule Summary on WebSMART, or by looking at course information on the Web Schedule. Refer to Withdrawal from Classes for complete details on withdrawal procedures. Refer to Refund Policy for information on refunds.

Registration Priority

Priority Registration applies to specific groups of students, as identified by the California State Chancellor’s Office and the San Mateo County Community College District.

Priority status allows for early registration and is based on rules that apply the following criteria:

  • Current Student Educational Plan (SEP) that is valid through the anticipated registration term(s)
  • Completion of the Student Success and Support Program (if required), including Orientation, assessment and Counseling
  • Academic Standing – Must be in good Academic Standing for two consecutive terms
  • Units earned – Must have earned less than 100 Degree Applicable units

Rules apply to all priority groups, with the exception of Foster Youth.

Once criteria is met by the student, their registration status is determined and the appropriate registration date is assigned. Registration dates can be viewed on WebSMART, during the registration cycle of a term. Students who previously qualified for priority registration and/or the CCPG Fee Waiver, but lost priority due to an Extenuating Circumstance, may file an appeal form with the Admissions and Records Office.