All persons parking on the Skyline College campus are responsible for knowing and following the college’s parking regulations. Complete parking regulations are also available online at

All persons driving an automobile, truck or van who utilize campus parking facilities during scheduled class hours and final examination periods are required to pay a parking permit fee and display a campus parking permit in their vehicle at all times while parked on the Skyline College campus. (Motorcycles are excluded if parked in designated motorcycle parking.) Students enrolled exclusively in weekend or off-campus classes are exempt. The parking fee is $54.00 for fall or spring semesters and $27.00 for the summer session, or a two-term permit may be purchased for $98.00 (fall and spring together.) These fees are non refundable except by action of the college. Parking permits may be transferred from one vehicle to another registered to the same owner.

One day parking permits are available for $3.00 per day from coin/bill operated parking permit dispensers located in student parking lots C, F, L1, L2, N and P. There are visitor lots that have pay-by-space, timed parking in Lots D and M.

Students may pay for their parking permits at the time of WebSMART registration, online or in person at the Cashier’s Office.

Students may park in designated student parking lots only. Staff lots are marked with yellow parking lines and are reserved for Staff and Faculty only. Please refer to the campus map for parking lot locations. While parking in Skyline College campus parking lots, all students, staff, faculty and the general public must obey all campus, local and state regulations.

A parking permit is required inside the vehicle in order to park in any lot on campus other than a visitor lot. All Staff parking areas on the Skyline College campus are restricted to San Mateo County Community College District employees (excluding student aids, assistants or student workers while enrolled in the current semester). Vendors and contractors at the college may also park in staff parking lots with proper authorization and permit

Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first served basis. Therefore, a parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space. Skyline College and the San Mateo County Community College District do not accept liability for vandalism, theft or accidents. Use of campus parking facilities is at the user’s risk. However, any such incidents should be reported to the Campus Public Safety Office, Building 6, Room 6-106, (650) 738-7000.

Parking Grace Periods

There is a two-week grace period in student parking lots only at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. There is a one-week grace period in student parking lots only at the beginning of the summer session. The grace period does not apply to staff lots, handicap parking and other restricted parking areas.

Visitor Parking

Visitors to the Skyline College campus may park in Visitor Lot D or Visitor Lot M. These visitor lots are payby-space meter parking. After parking the vehicle, the visitor notes the number of the parking space, enters the number into the meter, and deposits coin or currency. The receipt from a visitor parking permit machine does not have to be displayed in the vehicle. Visitor parking permits are valid ONLY in the respective visitor parking lot in which they are purchased. Daily permits, Staff/Faculty permits, and Student permits are not valid in visitor parking lots.

Visitors may also park in student lots if they have purchased a daily parking permit. For the location of daily parking permit machines, please refer to the campus map.

Disabled Student Parking

Physically disabled students who drive vehicles to campus must have a state-issued DMV placard. This placard allows parking in designated disabled parking spaces on campus. Students must also purchase a student parking permit issued through Skyline College. Anyone including students with a valid DMV Disabled Person Placard does NOT need any other permit. Disabled parking is available in student and staff lots. Transportation from student lots to campus may be arranged through the Educational Access Center (EAC) at (650) 738-4280.

The Public Safety Office staff has identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for the various services provided by the Public Safety Office:

  • Students will be aware of the smoking policy.
  • Students will follow the campus rules and regulations.