Hermanos & Hermanas Connection to College

The goal of Los Hermanos and Hemanas Connection to College is to increase the number of Latino students graduating from high school and enrolling in higher education.  In partnership with Parkway Heights Middle School and South San Francisco High School, Hermanos and Hermanas Connection to College is committed to providing structured support to the Latino community beginning in middle school and continuing through the end of their senior year and enrollment in higher education.  

Students begin in 8th grade and start taking significant concurrent enrollment college courses during the spring semester of their sophomore year and continue taking one college course every fall and spring semester until graduation from high school.  Wrap-around structured support takes place in the form of the following program components: concurrent enrollment in one college course per semester, parent workshops, intentional monitoring of student progress, and access to quality instruction.  The program pillars are designed to develop the following:

  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  • Leadership Development
  • Academic Success
  • Career Exploration

For more information visit www.skylinecollege.edu/hermanos or contact Charlie L. Morales at moralesc@smccd.edu.