Residency Requirements

Residency determination is made for each student at the time the application for admission is received. An application must be submitted by new and returning students (did not attend for three consecutive semesters). The burden is on the student to demonstrate clearly, with proof, both physical presence in California and intent to establish California residence. A student who is a non-U.S. Citizen must hold a Visa type that allows the student to establish domicile in the United States. California Education Code, Sections 68000-70902.

For more information about residency, please visit the Skyline College website at

Non-Resident Tuition Exemption

Tuition exemption forms are available on the college website, under “Forms”, for students who wish to be considered for this exemption under State Law AB540.

Any nonresident AB540 student, other than a nonimmigrant alien, who meets all of the following requirements, may be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at a California Community College:

    1. The student attended a high school (public or private) in California for three or more years,


      Has a combination of three or more years of California elementary, secondary and high school coursework,


  1. The student has graduated or will graduate with a California high school diploma or have the equivalent (i.e. California-issued GED, CHSPE)


    Has completed or will complete an Associate’s Degree from a California Community College


    Has completed or will complete the minimum requirements at a California Community College for transfer to the California State University or the University of California.

Any student seeking an exemption shall complete a self-attestation form prescribed by the State Chancellor’s Office verifying eligibility for this nonresident tuition exemption. The student may be required to provide documentation for the information provided on the self-attestation to verify eligibility for an exemption. All non-public student information will be confidential and shall not be disclosed unless required by law.

A student seeking this tuition exemption has the burden of providing evidence of compliance with the requirements of this section.

Nothing in this statute modifies eligibility standards for any form of student financial aid.

Nothing in this statute authorizes a refund of nonresident tuition that was paid for any term commencing prior to January 1, 2002.