Auditing Of Courses

Skyline College allows auditing of courses, with the exception of courses in programs that require special preparation and/or program admission on a limited basis. A student may audit a course only under the following circumstances:

  1. The student must have previously enrolled for credit for the maximum number of times allowed for the particular course.
  2. The instructor of record for the course must approve the student’s enrollment as an auditor.
  3. The student must be in good academic standing. 
  4. If the course is offered for variable units, the student must enroll for the maximum number of units available.
  5. The student must enroll as an auditor immediately following the published late registration period and pay the auditing fee.

Students who enroll in a course for credit have first priority  for all classroom  space. Students  who wish to audit a course may enroll the week after the late registration period is concluded, though with the instructor’s permission they are able to attend the course from the first class meeting. Students who wish to audit a course must obtain a COURSE AUDIT FORM available at No student auditing a course shall be permitted to change his or her enrollment to receive credit for the course. An auditing fee, as established by California Education Code, is payable at the time of enrollment as an auditor, with the exception of students enrolled in ten (10) or more semester credit units.