Concurrent Enrollment

High School Student Programs

Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, Middle College and Jump Start Program High school students may be admitted to courses when their high school schedule permits attendance and when there is reasonable expectation of success in the courses.

Students attending high school may register concurrently for Skyline College classes. Interested students must submit an online application and a course request form using the mySMCCD Student Portal.

Steps to apply for Concurrent Enrollment

Requirements for admission are as follows:

  1. Enrolled in high school.
  2. High school academic grade point average of 2.0, a C, is recommended.
  3. Parent/guardian permission to enroll.
  4. Principal or designees permission to enroll.

Cost for concurrent enrollment:

  1. No enrollment or Student Representation fees are charged for students who are registered for less than 11 units. The Student Union fee (Fall and Spring Semesters only) of $1 per unit ($5 maximum per semester) and the Health fee are waived. All fees are charged for full-time enrollment (11 or more units).
  2. Refer to fee types on the college website for current parking regulations.
  3. Materials fees are the responsibility of the student, if required for a course.
  4. Book fees are the responsibility of the student, if required for a course.

Because of enrollment limitations, high school students may not be permitted to enroll in classes in certain programs.

High school students will be admitted only into courses that have space available. The final decision for admission of any student to any class rests with Skyline College. The student will be required to fulfill necessary prerequisites for courses.

Students participating in the Concurrent Enrollment Program will receive college credit for all coursework completed. Students may request that a transcript of college coursework completed be sent to their high school registrar to be considered for credit toward high school graduation.