Program Overview

The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed for students who wish to pursue broad areas of knowledge in arts and sciences plus additional knowledge in an "Areas of Emphasis." This degree is designed for students who wish to explore different disciplines (subject areas) before deciding on a definite major program prior to transferring to a four-year university, or for students who may not be planning to transfer but wish to earn a degree in a particular area of study that interests them.

Note: A minimum grade of C is required in all courses applied to any area of emphasis in this major.

Students planning to transfer to a four-year university are cautioned that this degree may not meet all of the lower division requirements for transfer into a particular major; however, through careful educational planning with a counselor, this degree would offer a solid foundation in the transfer process. Students should consult with a counselor for specific information regarding their intended major at their target transfer institution.

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete Residency, Scholarship, Basic Compe-tency, Specific Area, and General Education require-ments for the Skyline College Associate Degree
    1. Meet the Basic Competency requirements in Writing/Reading, Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning, and Information Literacy
    2. Meet the Specific Area requirements in American History and Institutions, English, Physical Education and Ethnic and Cultural Diversity
    3. Complete Skyline General Education Requirements
  2. Successfully Complete 18 units in one of the following areas of emphasis

This area of emphasis studies the systems and institutions human beings in various cultures develop to organize their lives in both individual and group settings.

Program Requirements

Select a minimum of 18 units from the following: Units
ADMJ 100 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3 units
ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology 3 units
ANTH 125 Biological Anthropology 3 units
ANTH 127 Biological Anthropology Laboratory 1 unit
ANTH 150 Introduction to Archaeology: Bones, Beads and the Basics of Material Culture 3 units
ANTH 155 Human Prehistory: Discovering Ancient Civilizations 3 units
ANTH 165 Sex and Gender: Cross-Cultural Perspectives 3 units
ANTH 180 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion 3 units
ANTH 360 American Indians of North America 3 units
BUS. 100 Introduction to Business 3 units
BUS. 101 * Human Relations at Work 3 units
ECE. 201 Child Development 3 units
PSYC 201 Child Development 3 units
ECON 100 Principles of Macro Economics 3 units
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics 3 units
EDUC 200 * Introduction to Classroom Teaching 3 units
ENVS 100 Introduction to Environmental Science 3 units
GEOG 100 Physical Geography 3 units
GEOG 101 Physical Geography Lab 1 unit
GEOG 110 Cultural Geography 3 units
GEOG 150 World Regional Geography 3 units
HIST 104 World Civilizations I 3 units
HIST 106 World Civilizations II 3 units
HIST 108 Survey of American History 3 units
HIST 201 United States History I 3 units
HIST 202 United States History II 3 units
HIST 203 The United States Since 1945 3 units
HIST 235 History of Ethnic Groups in the United States 3 units
HIST 240 History of Ethnic Groups in CALIFORNIA 3 units
HIST 244 African American History 3 units
HIST 248 Women and The American Experience 3 units
HIST 310 California History 3 units
HIST 335 History and Politics of the Middle East 3 units
HIST 435 History of the Philippines 3 units
HIST 436 Filipinos in America 3 units
IBUS 200 * Introduction to International Business 3 units
IBUS 210 * International Finance 3 units
JOUR 110 Mass Media and Society 3 units
PHIL 240 Introduction to Ethics 3 units
PHIL 280 Introduction to Political Philosophy 3 units
PLSC 115 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics 3 units
PLSC 130 International Relations 3 units
PLSC 200 National, State and Local Government 3 units
PLSC 210 American Politics 3 units
PLSC 280 Introduction to Political Philosophy 3 units
PLSC 310 California State and Local Government 3 units
PLSC 335 History and Politics of the Middle East
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3 units
PSYC 110 Courtship, Marriage and Family 3 units
PSYC 200 Developmental Psychology 3 units
PSYC 220 Introduction to Psychobiology 3 units
PSYC 268 Black Psychology 3 units
PSYC 300 Social Psychology 3 units
PSYC 410 Abnormal Psychology 3 units
SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 units
SOCI 105 Contemporary Social Issues 3 units
SOCI 110 Courtship, Marriage and Family 3 units
SOCI 141 Race and Ethnicity 3 units
ETHN 142 Filipina/o/x Community Issues 3 units
SOCI 143 Sociology of Migration and Immigration 3 units
SOCI 201 * Sociology of Health and Medicine 3 units
SOSC 270 The Civil Rights Movement 3 units
Note: The following pairs are the same course: ECE. 201 and PSYC 201 HIST 335 and PLSC 335 PHIL 280 and PLSC 280 PSYC 110 and SOCI 110
* Courses that are transferable only to CSU are marked with an asterisk (*).
Total Required Major Units: 18

And required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the minimum 60 units required for the Associate degree.

Please refer to the AA/AS Degree Requirements for more information.


  1. All courses listed in the six areas of emphasis options are transferable to either the University of California (UC), the California State University (CSU), or both UC and CSU. Courses that are transferable only to CSU are marked with an asterisk (*).
  2. All courses may be applied to the appropriate areas of the CSU General Education Breadth and/or the UC General Education (IGETC) patterns (See Transfer Planning section of this catalog).