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ETHN 103 Asian Americans and US Institutions

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Course Description

An examination of the Asian American experience in relationship to US institutions such as: economics, government, law, family, and mass media. A particular focus on the racial construction of Asian American identity and community through a historical, social, cultural, and political lens that explains Asian migration to the United States, construction of racialized stereotypes, anti-Asian violence, and community responses of political activism, organizing, and solidarity movements with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities (BIPOC).

Units: 3
Degree Credit
Letter Grade Only
  • Lecture hours/semester: 48-54
  • Homework hours/semester: 96-108
  • Total Student Learning hours/semester: 144-162
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
AA/AS Degree Requirements: Area 9D3, 9F
Transfer Credit: CSU (CSU GE Area D; Area F), UC (IGETC Area 4)