Examination Credit

Credit units earned through the Advanced Placement Test (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Credit by Examination (CBE), or the International Baccalaureate Examination (IB) do not satisfy unit load requirements for enrollment status for programs such as financial aid, athletics, veterans benefits, or for graduation residency requirements.

Skyline College accepts the following types of test scores:

Advanced Placement Test (AP): Please see the Advanced Placement Exam Credit Policy chart to determine use of test scores.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Credit may be used to meet requirements for an Associate Degree. A maximum of 15 units can be earned 3 units for each of the tests within the five examination areas: English Composition, Social Sciences and History, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and College Mathematics. Upon receipt of official examination results, CLEP units will be posted to a student’s Skyline College transcript by the Office of Concurrent Enrollments and Records. Should students transfer to a university, CLEP credit will be granted according to the policy of the receiving institution. Students are advised to meet with a counselor regarding CLEP credit. CLEP Credit cannot be applied to IGETC.

Credit by Examination (CBE): A currently enrolled student in good standing may be permitted to take a test for credit for courses, if qualified, because of previous training or instruction. By completing an examination approved by the faculty of the appropriate division, credit will be recorded. Testing is not allowed for a course for which credit has previously been granted or if credit has been earned in a more advanced course in the same sequence. Credit by Examination may not be used in order to improve a grade already received for a course. A maximum of 12.0 units toward an Associate Degree or 6 units toward a certificate may be earned through Credit by Examination, however, may not be counted in deter- mining the 12.0 semester units in residence. The student’s academic record shall be annotated to reflect that credit was earned by examination. A student may complete any course through Credit by Examination procedures only once.

To pursue the Credit by Examination option, obtain a Credit by Examination form from the Office of Concurrent Enrollments and Records. The Office of Concurrent Enrollments and Records approves eligibility. The student must submit the approved form to the division offering the course. If the course is available using the Credit by Examination option, a faculty member will arrange for the examination(s) to be administered and graded. All grades issued upon completion of Credit by Examination will be used in the calculation of the student s grade point average and for determining scholarship awards.

International Baccalaureate Examination (IB): See the International Baccalaureate Examination Credit Policy chart on pages 23-24 to determine use of test scores.