Units of Credit

A “unit’’ of credit represents attendance for one class hour per week for a total of 16 hours throughout one semester in lecture or recitation, with study/preparation outside of class, or three hours in laboratory or other exercises not requiring homework for preparation per week for a total of 48 hours, or an equivalent combination.

Students planning to complete their Associate degree in two years must enroll in and complete 15-16 units per semester. A schedule of 15 college units assumes that the average student will devote approximately 45 hours per week to class attendance and preparation.

Grade Options

Courses will be designated as Letter graded and/or Pass/No Pass. The default for registration when options are offered is a letter grade. Students must select the Pass/No Pass option when registering or within the first 30% of the course. No change can be made in the option after the deadline to change. Be aware of degree and/or transfer requirements when selecting a P/NP option.