Transfer Requirements

Requirements for Transfer Students

A student can transfer from Skyline College to a four- year college or university as a junior without loss of time or credits by completing the following:

  1. Lower Division Preparation for the Major
    • These courses provide the necessary background to prepare the transfer student to enter the major as a junior. Students can access for lower- division major requirements for the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) colleges. For lower-division major preparation for private colleges, visit the Transfer Center website at, meet with a Skyline College counselor, or visit the website of the respective college that you are interested in transferring to.
  2. General Education Requirements (Sometimes called “Breadth Requirements”)
    • These are the courses required to obtain bachelor’s degree regardless of major. Courses in writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, sciences, humanities and social sciences are included in general education.
  3. Electives
    • Upon completion of major and general education requirements, elective courses can be taken to bring the total number of transferable units to the required 60 units for transfer to UC and CSU.

Certification of Completion of General Education

Prior to transfer, students transferring to a CSU or UC system may request verification of completion of the lower division general education requirements. To accomplish this, students must request the Admissions and Records Office to send a CSU GE or IGETC Certification with the final transcript to the transfer institution. Certification requests are made online via WebSmart through the Parchment transcript ordering system. This certification is used by the transfer destination, in addition to the official transcripts, to confirm full or partial completion of CSU GE or IGETC requirements. Students who transfer without CSU GE or IGETC Certification will be required to meet the general education requirements of the specific CSU or UC campus (local requirements) to which they transfer. Meeting these local general education requirements requires taking additional general education courses after transfer.

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