Transfer Program at Skyline College

Transfer of Credit

Students planning to transfer can complete their freshman and sophomore level (lower-division) transfer classes at Skyline College and transfer to a baccalaureate institution with junior (upper-division) standing. Students must complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units in order to transfer as juniors. Typically, students must complete units that apply to an approved general education pattern and lower division major preparation as transfer preparation.

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADTs) Can Benefit Students Intending to Transfer to the CSU System

Skyline College offers associate degrees (AA-T and AS-T) designed to support transfer to the California State University system. Students who complete the requirements for an Associate Degree for Transfer are eligible to apply for an associate degree AND meet minimum admissions requirements for transfer with junior standing to a California State University. Although earning an Associate Degree for Transfer does not guarantee a student admission to all California State University campuses or majors, it does secure a student priority admission consideration to his/her local CSU campus. To enhance a student’s competitiveness and success as a CSU applicant, in addition to completing the requirements for the associate degree for transfer, it is strongly recommended that students meet with their Skyline College counselor and utilize to see if there are additional courses suggested or required for a particular major at a specific campus.

At the time of printing this catalog, Skyline College offers associate degrees for transfer in twenty-nine majors: Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Business Administration 2.0, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Elementary Teacher Education, English, Enivronmental Science, Geology, History, Hospitality Management, Journalism, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health Science, Social Justice Studies, Sociology, Spanish, and Studio Arts.

Skyline College Transfer Center

Skyline College’s Transfer Center provides information and offers workshops on choosing a college, transfer admission requirements, completing transfer admission application forms and writing the application essay. Transfer Center staff can provide details about special Transfer Admission Guarantees that Skyline College has developed with a number of four-year UC and private institutions which can guarantee student’s transfer admission.

Students with a clear transfer objective stand the best chance of meeting requirements in a timely manner. They can make the best use of their time and coursework by deciding on a transfer institution and major as soon as possible. Students unable to make these decisions when they enter Skyline College may follow a general transfer pattern of courses while taking advantage of the Counseling Division and Transfer Center resources in making transfer plans.

Once students choose a major and the university to which they plan to transfer, they should use, an online student transfer information system, to see how courses completed at Skyline College are applied when transferring to a university. This website also lists courses required for majors. Skyline College counselors and the Transfer Center staff can assist students in planning for transfer, and four-year university representatives often visit Skyline College to meet with students interested in transferring to their institutions. It is wise for students to consult the catalog of the university to which they plan to transfer to become familiar with specific transfer admission requirements. Many college and university catalogs are available for reference both in the Transfer Center and online. Students may also write directly to the admissions office of the institution to obtain an information bulletin which outlines requirements for admission as a transfer student.

The Transfer Center is located with the Counseling Center in Building 19.