Smoke Free Campus

Skyline College is committed to providing its students, employees, guests, and children in the Child Development Center with a safe and healthy environment. Based on this commitment, the College implemented a smoke free campus beginning the fall semester 2009. "Smoking" means engaging in an act that generates smoke or vapor, such as possessing a lit pipe, a lit hookah pipe, electronic cigarettes, or other imitation cigarette devices, a lit cigar, or a lit cigarette of any kind according to Board Policy 2.27.

The active participation and cooperation of all students, faculty, staff, and guests in promoting a healthy and safe environment at Skyline College is greatly appreciated. All college constituencies and guests are expected to observe the smoke free policy. Tobacco-free resources are available in the Student Health Center, located In Building 2, Rm. 2209, (650) 738-4270 and on the Skyline College website. A printed Smoke Free Policy and Resource Guide are widely available in various locations on campus. For additional information regarding the smoke free policy and designated areas, please contact the Vice President of Student Services at (650) 738-4333 or the Chief of Public Safety at (650) 738-4455.

Designated Smoking Areas are in or near the following Parking Lots:

  • Lot E: Near Bus Stop & Near Loading Dock of Bldg. 1
  • Lot F: Near Bldg. 10
  • Lot G: Near Bldg. 8
  • Lot H: Near Bldg. 7
  • Lot K: Near Bldg. 6 & Near Loading Dock of Bldg. 5
  • Lot L: Pacific Heights Student & Staff Lot
  • Lot R: Bottom of Stairway