Literature courses are listed under LITERATURE. Courses for non-native speakers of English are listed under ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES. 

Students are required to take the English/Reading placement tests prior to initial placement in courses. English/Reading placement tests are given to students to assist the counselor and the division in guiding them to the appropriate English course. Proper placement in English/Reading assures that students will begin their college studies in courses where they will have the best chance of success. The tests are given on announced dates throughout the year. Students who transfer to Skyline College and have taken a college English course equivalent to ENGL 100 or ENGL 846 at another institution need not take the test.

English Course Sequence Chart

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Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
ENGL 100 Composition 3 CSU/UC
ENGL 103 Applied English Skills for Cultural Production I 3 CSU
ENGL 104 Applied English Skills for Cultural Production II 3 CSU
ENGL 105 Composition with Support 5 CSU/UC
ENGL 110 Composition, Literature, and Critical Thinking 3 CSU/UC
ENGL 161 Creative Writing I 3 CSU/UC
ENGL 162 Creative Writing II 3 CSU/UC
ENGL 165 Composition, Argument and Critical Thinking 3 CSU/UC
ENGL 650 English Supplement for TRIO Students 0.5 - 3 No
ENGL 695 Independent Study in English 0.5 - 3 CSU
ENGL 819 English Development 3 No