Additional Expenses

Students must purchase their own textbooks and supplies. Considerable savings are possible by renting or purchasing used textbooks from the Skyline College Bookstore. For the approximate cost of books, contact the Bookstore at (650) 738-4212 or check the website at

Students should also refer to the potential usage of the Digital Textbook Library at the Skyline College Library, as well as looking for the designation of Zero Cost Textbook or Low Cost Textbook when registering for courses on WebSchedule.

Some courses require special equipment or materials fees at the student’s expense:

  • Accounting, Art, Automotive Technology, Business, Computer Applications & Office Technology, Computer Science, Development Skills, Math, Respiratory Therapy, Wellness – $2 to $380 materials fee is required for certain courses.
  • Automotive Technology – Approximately $900 for Basic Tools
  • Cosmetology or Esthetician– Approximately $1,900 over the length of the program for uniforms and equipment