College Goals

Skyline College is committed to our strategic goals being grounded in equitymindedness, social justice, and the valuing of diversity. In Spring 2018, the Skyline College campus community participated in updating its Strategic Goals and Initiatives. The College’s Strategic Goals and Initiatives align with the San Mateo County Community College’s District Strategic Plan ( and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Vision 2022 Goals (

Strategic Goal 1: Student Completion

Skyline College provides a comprehensive and individualized experience to support students so that at least 75% of students complete their educational goals on time.

Strategic Goal 2: Transformative Teaching and Learning

Skyline College’s approach to teaching and learning has a transformational impact on students’ educational experience and lives.

Strategic Goal 3: Technology and Facilities

Skyline College implements comprehensive technological solutions that enable students to have agency over their educational experience and empower faculty and staff with the resources to foster student success.

Strategic Goal 4: Internalized Campus Community

Skyline College expands international student programs and develops curriculum that reflects global perspectives to promote a global consciousness.

Strategic Goal 5: Strong and Effective Community Partnerships

Skyline College pursues a comprehensive approach to establishing and strengthening K-12, higher education, and community-based partnerships that increase educational access and equity. Skyline College also plays a central role in the preparation of the region's workforce and expands networks and partnerships with businesses, the community and non-profit organizations.

Strategic Goal 6: Fiscal Stability

Skyline College maintains sound fiscal stability and strong fiscal reserves.

Strategic Goal 7: Professional Recruitment and Retention

Skyline College is a first-choice institution for students, faculty, staff and administration, who reflect the diversity of California and are committed to academic excellence.