Program Overview

The Junior Developer pathway prepares students with a broad knowledge of computer science topics that will open opportunities in software development roles. Students will also receive training in different types of programming, object-oriented programming languages, and code development tools. This certificate focuses on practical applications, problem-solving, and programming in real world environments, which will create a portfolio of work for students to discuss in interview situations.

NOTE: This certificate is not transcripted and is not eligible for Financial Aid.

Program Requirements

Object Oriented Programming (Select one course from the following): Units
COMP 121 The Art of Coding: iOS App Development with Swift 3 units
COMP 250 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming: C++ 3 units
COMP 284 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming: Java 4 units
Web Programming (3 units) Units
COMP 111 Introduction to Web Programming 3 units
Database Knowledge and Application (3 units) Units
COMP 132 Introduction to Databases 3 units
Total Required Units: 9 - 10