Program Overview

The Central Services Technology Program prepares graduates for employment in hospitals, outpatient surgery centers and private industry. Central Service Technicians, also known as Sterile Processing Technicians, process and distribute sterilized equipment and other supplies throughout the medical facility.

Certification Eligibility Requirements: Central Service Technician Program using the Core Curriculum of the International Association of Hospital Central Service Materials Management and which requires 400 hours of clinical practice. For more information, visit www.

Central Service Technology has certification but does not have an accreditation body.

International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM)
213 West Institute Place, Suite 307
Chicago, IL 60610
Telephone: (800) 962-8274
Fax: (312) 440-9474

Students are admitted into the program only once each year. The program will typically start in fall session and complete at the end of the following spring semester. Admission to the Central Service Technology Program is by special application only. Special application forms are available from the Science, Math, Technology Division Office and the College website. See application for submission dates. Applicants who have previously applied, and wish to reapply, must submit new application materials. Selection of students is based on criteria approved by the Skyline College Administration and consistent with State regulations.

Communication in the health care setting is an important component. It is recommended that applicants be eligible for ENGL 846. Prior to starting classes, students admitted to the program are required to complete a satisfactory physical examination, immunization documentation verifying freedom of communicable disease, a social security referenced background check, and drug test. All courses must be taken in sequence. A minimum grade of "C" is required in all Central Service Technology courses.

For further information on the Central Service Technology Program, please call 738-4221 or 738-4470.

Program Requirements

Required Courses Units
SURG 445 Introduction to Central Service Technology 6.5 units
SURG 446 Clinical Practice for CST 4 units
SURG 448 Clinical Lab Practicum for Central Service Technology 2 units
Total Required Units: 12.5