Program Overview

This program provides students the foundational skills needed to start an entry-level job at a repair facility or dealership through the study of fundamentals and theory of the major systems on a vehicle and master entry-level automotive skills with significant "hands-on" time in the shop. Students will also complete a career class specific to the auto industry with topics including labor law, written and oral communication in the workplace, and technical writing skills needed to meet legal requirements for documentation. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an internship program with local repair facilities.

This certificate program meets the prerequisites of the full-time Automotive Technology program, allows students to earn AA degrees, provides students with the skills needed for their first automotive job, and provides internships with local employers to start their careers. Students can choose to continue their education, go to work, or, ideally, do both.

Upon successful completion of this certificate program, students will be eligible to apply to the full-time automotive program and will be proficient in the skills needed to start a career in the automotive industry.

NOTE: This certificate is not transcripted and is not eligible for Financial Aid.

For gainful employment information, see this program’s gainful employment website.

Program Requirements

Required Courses Units
AUTO 580 Careers in Automotive Technology 1 unit
AUTO 670 Vocational Cooperative Education in Automotive 1 unit
AUTO 711 Automotive Entry Level Technician Fundamentals 5 units
Total Required Units: 7