Participation in varsity sports is limited to those who possess the necessary skill level to compete in intercollegiate athletics. Competition takes place against colleges of the Coast Conference and other northern and southern California Community Colleges. Athletes must be enrolled in 12 units during their first semester of competition (9 of which must be academic). Student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and have passed a cumulative 24 units (18 of which must be academic) to qualify for their second season of the same sport. Student-athletes can only compete in two years of the same sport. Participants must pass a physical examination prior to being released to compete. See Athletic Director for more information.

Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
VARS 100 Varsity Baseball 3 CSU/UC
VARS 110 Men’s Varsity Basketball 1.5 CSU/UC
VARS 150 Men’s Varsity Soccer 3 CSU/UC
VARS 200 Varsity Wrestling 3 CSU/UC
VARS 300 Women's Varsity Basketball 1.5 CSU/UC
VARS 340 Women’s Varsity Volleyball 3 CSU/UC
VARS 342 Beach Volleyball 3 CSU
VARS 350 Women's Varsity Badminton 3 CSU/UC
VARS 360 Women’s Varsity Soccer 3 CSU/UC
VARS 390 Women's Varsity Wrestling 3 CSU