Art majors should consult the program outlined in “Degree Programs” for a suggested plan of study.

Art activity courses are subject to repeatability limitations. Students are now limited to a maximum of four courses per family. A family of courses may contain more than four courses. If there are more than four courses in a particular family, a student may only enroll in a maximum of four total courses within that family. A course previously taken by a student (prior to the legislation) within the identified family will count as a repeat and limit future enrollments of courses within that family to a maximum of four.

Art activity courses are offered in levels by progression. Courses are listed by title; for example, Black and White Photography, Ceramics, etc, and then by level. Level I is beginning; Level II is intermediate; and Level III is intermediate/advanced.

New students are advised to enroll in the beginning level and be placed by their instructor upon assessment. Continuing students who have previously taken a course within a family, must progress to the next level.

Course Listings

Number Course Title Units Transfer
ART 101 History of Western Art I 3 CSU/UC
ART 102 History of Western Art II 3 CSU/UC
ART 105 Asian Art and Architecture 3 CSU/UC
ART 107 Art of Our Times 3 CSU/UC
ART 115 Art, Music and Ideas 3 CSU/UC
ART 117 Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora 3 CSU/UC
ART 120 Art of the Americas 3 CSU/UC
ART 130 Art Appreciation 3 CSU/UC
ART 171 Visual Theory and Practice: B/W Photography 3 CSU/UC
ART 175 Visual Theory and Practice: Ceramic Art 3 CSU/UC
ART 204 Drawing I 3 CSU/UC
ART 205 Drawing II 3 CSU/UC
ART 207 Life Drawing 3 CSU/UC
ART 214 Color 3 CSU/UC
ART 217 Intermediate Life Drawing 3 CSU/UC
ART 221 Painting I 3 CSU/UC
ART 222 Painting II 3 CSU/UC
ART 231 Watercolor I 3 CSU/UC
ART 232 Watercolor II 3 CSU/UC
ART 234 Printmaking I 3 CSU/UC
ART 239 Printmaking II: Monotype, Monoprint and Mixed Media 3 CSU/UC
ART 301 Two-Dimensional Design 3 CSU/UC
ART 350 Visual Perception Through Photography 3 CSU/UC
ART 351 Black and White Photography I 3 CSU/UC
ART 352 Black and White Photography II 3 CSU/UC
ART 353 Black and White Photography III 3 CSU/UC
ART 354 Digital Photography I 3 CSU/UC
ART 355 Digital Photography II 3 CSU/UC
ART 401 Three-Dimensional Design 3 CSU/UC
ART 405 Sculpture I 3 CSU/UC
ART 406 Sculpture II 3 CSU/UC
ART 407 Sculpture III: Direct Metal 3 CSU/UC
ART 411 Ceramics I 3 CSU/UC
ART 412 Ceramics II 3 CSU/UC
ART 417 Ceramic Glazing Techniques 3 CSU/UC
ART 418 Ceramics III 3 CSU/UC
ART 430 Introduction to Digital Art 3 CSU/UC
ART 431 Digital Imaging I: Photoshop 3 CSU/UC
ART 432 Digital Imaging II: Advanced Photoshop 3 CSU/UC
ART 435 Digital Illustration 3 CSU/UC
ART 440 Introduction to Web Design 3 CSU/UC
ART 441 Intermediate Web Design 3 CSU/UC
ART 479 Typography 3 CSU/UC
ART 665 Special Topics in Art 0.5 - 3 CSU
ART 667 Special Topics in Art 0.5 - 3 CSU
ART 695 Independent Study in Art 0.5 - 3 CSU