Related Content Courses

  1. The SMCCD has established related courses with similar educational activities (See #2 below.) Although a course cannot be repeated, a student may attempt up to four related courses. This limitation applies even if the student receives a substandard grade (i.e., D+, D, D-, F, NP, NC) or a “W.” Enrollment limitations are monitored district wide for related courses.
  2. Students  may  attempt  active  participatory  courses in physical education/kinesiology, and visual or performing arts where the course objectives are met by repeating a similar primary educational activity and an expanded educational experience occurs  each time the course is attempted for the following reasons:
    • The student’s skills or proficiencies will be enhanced by supervised repetition and practice within class periods and
    • Active participatory experience in individualized study or group assignments is the method to learn the objectives.