Assessment And Placement Testing Policy

Retest Policy

  1. Math Placement results are valid for two years from the date the test was taken.
  2. English/ESOL placement results, for the purpose of course placement and prerequisite skill level assessment, do not expire and remain valid indefinitely. If however, a significant amount of time has passed since the English or ESOL test was completed, a student may elect to repeat the placement test to secure an accurate assessment of current skill level.
  3. If a student does not accept the recommended placement, he/she may retake the same placement test one additional time within a two-year period.
  4. A student who has completed a course in the English, ESOL or math sequence may take the placement test to determine his/her current competency level in English, ESOL and math courses, if two years have elapsed since the course was completed.
  5. For any other special circumstance, or with an instructor or counselor recommendation, a student may petition to retest through the Dean of Counseling.

Retrieving Placement Test Results

Placement test results will be available to students via WebSMART one hour after tests have been completed. Please go to Click on the following (1) Student Services (2) Student Records (3) Placement Test Results.