President's Message

Dr. Stanback Stroud

Welcome to Skyline College

Transformational opportunities are all around us at Skyline College. Every day this campus community takes our future into our own hands by making a very conscious choice to achieve more – to transform ourselves, our points of view, the world around us.

We look for transformational opportunities across every aspect of our campus community, and we act upon them wherever and whenever we can.

It's this commitment to forward-looking change that drives us to put students first, and increase equity and access to higher education.

We know that completing college is the most significant step a person can take to improve their life circumstances. And we believe students should be able to easily apply to college without being confused by the process. They should be able to access the resources they need to succeed, be it financial aid, tutoring, counseling, career services and more. And they should be able to navigate their pathway to their educational goal efficiently, so that they can go out into the world and make their mark.

I firmly believe that educators and students should never surrender to the status quo. That's why at Skyline College we wholeheartedly embrace transformation. 

I urge you to embrace it too, and together we can empower and transform the world around us.


President's Signature

Regina Stanback Stroud