Program Overview

The College's Automotive Technology program is certified by the Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation (ASEEF). The program is conducted in a well-equipped facility with a large fleet of late model domestic and import vehicles. Automobile manufacturers provide substantial support for the program.

Students can pursue a certificate or degree in Automotive Technology or a specialty degree or certificate in Japanese Automotive Technology. Our partnerships with Subaru of America, Inc., Nissan of America, Infinity of America, Ford Motor Co. and Audi of America, Inc. provide employment opportunities for students enrolled in our programs. Our internship program matches students with employers who agree to mentor the student for a minimum of one semester. The College also provides numerous classes to update the knowledge and skills of practicing technicians.

Program Requirements

Required Courses Units
AUTO 710 * Fundamentals of Automotive Technology 4 units
AUTO 711 Automotive Entry Level Technician Fundamentals 5 units
AUTO 509.1 Automotive Fundamentals for High School I 2.5 units
AUTO 509.2 Automotive Fundamentals for High School II 2.5 units
AUTO 749 Asian Engine Performance 15 units
* The AUTO 710, 711 or 509.1 and 509.2 requirement can also be met with one year of High School Automotive, or one year of verifiable work experience, or an automotive fundamentals course from an accredited community college automotive program, in combination with the ability to pass our comprehensive written and practical AUTO 710 fundamentals credit by exam test.
Total Required Units: 19 - 20