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PSYC 670 Vocational Cooperative Education in Psychology

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Course Description

Students may receive credit for work experience related to their major field or to their established career goal. Seminars and individual conferences are scheduled at convenient times during the semester for the instructor and the student to establish learning objectives related to the student's employment. Students are given appropriate assignments related to the stated objectives and graded in accordance with the college's established grading system. As an alternative, related instruction classes meeting one hour per week, usually in the evening, are available for those students who prefer or need a more structured learning. One unit of credit, for every 75 hours worked per semester, may be earned by students with jobs related to their academic or occupational majors or goals. It may be repeated for credit up to 16 units. This limitation applies to Occupational Cooperative Education work experience courses offered within the SMCCCD.

Units: 1 - 4
Degree Credit
Pass/No Pass Only
  • Work Experience hours/semester: 75-300
Prerequisites: Employment in a college-approved job directly related to the student's academic major.
Corequisites: None
Transfer Credit: CSU