Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completing an A.A./A.S. degree and/or transfer preparation, students will show evidence of ability in the following core competency areas:

  1. Critical Thinking:

     Students will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills  in problem  solving  across  the  disciplines  and  in daily life.
  2. Effective Communication:

     Students will be able to communicate and comprehend effectively.
  3. Citizenship:

     Students will be able to use knowledge acquired from their experiences at this college to be ethically responsible, culturally proficient citizens, informed and involved in civic affairs locally, nationally, and globally.
  4. Information Literacy: 

    Students will be able to demonstrate skills central to information literacy.
  5. Lifelong Wellness: 

    Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of lifelong wellness through physical fitness and personal development.