Program Overview

Skyline College's Art Program ensures a strong foundation in the visual arts. Enrolling in studio courses provides opportunities to explore the diversity of methods and materials to make art. Drawing, painting, photography, digital arts and other 2-d arts, 3-d media like sculpture and ceramics, studies in film and video, are all available to the student. Art History and Art Appreciation courses offer students an exploration of art through historical times and places, to make connections to the student's own life.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses
Select two courses (6 units minimum) from the following: Units
ART 101 History of Western Art I 3 units
ART 102 History of Western Art II 3 units
ART 105 Asian Art and Architecture 3 units
ART 107 Art of Our Times 3 units
ART 117 Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora 3 units
ART 120 Art of the Americas 3 units
Studio Foundation Courses (9 units): Units
ART 204 Drawing I 3 units
ART 301 Two-Dimensional Design 3 units
ART 401 Three-Dimensional Design 3 units
Select two courses (6 units minimum) from the following: Units
ART 207 Life Drawing 3 units
ART 214 Color 3 units
ART 221 Painting I 3 units
ART 231 Watercolor I 3 units
ART 234 Printmaking I 3 units
ART 351 Black and White Photography I 3 units
ART 354 Digital Photography I 3 units
ART 405 Sculpture I 3 units
ART 411 Ceramics I 3 units
ART 430 Introduction to Digital Art 3 units
ART 431 Digital Imaging I: Photoshop 3 units
ART 435 Digital Illustration 3 units
Plus a selection of two or more courses (6 units minimum) from the following list or in any other Art courses not taken from the lists above: Units
ART 130 Art Appreciation 3 units
ART 171 Visual Theory and Practice: B/W Photography 3 units
ART 175 Visual Theory and Practice: Ceramic Art 3 units
ART 205 Drawing II 3 units
ART 217 Intermediate Life Drawing 3 units
ART 222 Painting II 3 units
ART 232 Watercolor II 3 units
ART 239 Printmaking II: Monotype, Monoprint and Mixed Media 3 units
ART 350 Visual Perception Through Photography 3 units
ART 352 Black and White Photography II 3 units
ART 353 Black and White Photography III 3 units
ART 355 Digital Photography II 3 units
ART 406 Sculpture II 3 units
ART 407 Sculpture III: Direct Metal 3 units
ART 412 Ceramics II 3 units
ART 417 Ceramic Glazing Techniques 3 units
ART 418 Ceramics III 3 units
ART 432 Digital Imaging II: Advanced Photoshop 3 units
ART 440 Introduction to Web Design 3 units
ART 441 Intermediate Web Design 3 units
ART 479 Typography 3 units
Total Required Major Units: 27

And required General Education coursework and electives as needed to meet the minimum 60 units required for the Associate degree.

Please refer to the AA/AS Degree Requirements for more information.