Program Overview

Whether using a smartphone, a tablet, a smart wearable, or a laptop, we use digital products every single day. Product teams consisting of designers, engineers, and product managers work together to make those products possible. In this certificate program, students will learn the basic skills needed to begin a career as a user experience designer for interactive digital products. The program will cover the full range of design activities from fundamentals of usability and user-centered research to developing design systems and prototypes. The program culminates in a portfolio class to help students start their career in user experience design.

Program Requirements

DMAD 500 User Experience Design I: Fundamentals 3 units
DMAD 501 User Experience Design II: Discovery 3 units
DMAD 502 User Experience Design III: Ideation 3 units
DMAD 503 User Experience Design IV: Delivery 3 units
DMAD 504 User Experience Design V: Portfolio 3 units
Total Required Units: 15