Program Overview

The Network Engineering Program prepares graduates to enter the workforce as a PC Support Specialist, entry level Networks System Administrator, and its related fields. A Certificate of Completion and Associate of Science Degree are available. The program's focus is on direct employment skills and knowledge as a foundation in small to medium scale network infrastructure. Students will design, implement, manage and troubleshoot current industry equipment in real world scenario. The Certificate of Achievement and Degree are focused on developing entry-level careers and updating existing careers.

Program Requirements

Required Courses Units
ELEC 110 Fundamentals of Electronics 4 units
NETX 400 Introduction to Local Area Network 3 units
NETX 420 PC Configuration and Repair 6 units
NETX 430 Introduction to Routers 3 units
NETX 431 Network Switches - Concepts and Applications 3 units
NETX 432 Routing Concepts and Applications 3 units
NETX 435 Network Security 3 units
NETX 439 Troubleshooting the Internetwork 3 units
NETX 440 Introduction to Microsoft Server Administration 3 units
Plus a minimum of 6 units from the following: Units
NETX 401 Survey of Networking and Wireless Technologies 3 units
NETX 410 Structured Wiring and Cabling 3 units
NETX 411 Fiber Optics Technology 3 units
NETX 413 Wireless Local Area Networks 3 units
NETX 421 A+ Certification Exam Prep 2 units
NETX 423 Mobile Device Connectivity Support 2 units
NETX 443 Introduction to Linux Administration 3.5 units
NETX 450 Voice Over IP (VoIP) Essentials 3 units
Total Required Units: 37