Program Overview

The Skyline Journalism Program prepares students to enter the workforce in journalism or transfer to four-year institutions as journalism majors, as well as training students to be media-literate members of the community. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution or who have immediate career or retraining goals can pursue the certificate or AA degree in journalism to meet the changing technological demands in the journalism field. Students seeking admission to a CSU can pursue the AA-Transfer degree in journalism. Students gain hands-on experience by working for The Skyline View, the student print and online publication. Students in the program also have the opportunity to pursue internships and attend professional conferences.

Degree options:

  • Associate in Arts in Journalism
  • Associate in Arts in Journalism for Transfer (AA-T)
  • Certificate in Journalism

The Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T) is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing an AA-T degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. Students transferring to a CSU campus that does accept the AA-T will be required to complete no more than 60 units after transfer to earn a bachelor's degree. This degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular campus or university or college that is not part of the CSU system. Students should consult with a Skyline College counselor for further information on university admissions and transfer requirements.

To earn an AA-T degree, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 CSU " transferable semester units;
  2. Earn a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework;
  3. Complete a minimum of 18 semester units in an "AA-T" major. Note: All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of "C" or better or a "P" if the course is taken on a "pass " no pass" basis;
  4. Completion of the California State University General Education " Breadth pattern (CSU GE Breadth) or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern.

Program Requirements

Required Core Course (9 units) Units
JOUR 110 Mass Media and Society 3 units
JOUR 120 Writing and Reporting for the Media 3 units
JOUR 320 Beginning Newspaper Staff 3 units
List A: Select one course from the following (3 units) Units
JOUR 121 Advanced Writing and Reporting for the Media 3 units
JOUR 330 Intermediate Newspaper Staff 3 units
List B: Select two courses from the following (6-7 units) Units
ART 351 Black and White Photography I 3 units
COMM 127 Argumentation and Debate 3 units
ECON 100 Principles of Macro Economics 3 units
ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics 3 units
ENGL 165 Composition, Argument and Critical Thinking 3 units
MATH 200 Elementary Probability & Statistics 4 units
PHIL 200 Introduction to Logic 3 units
PLSC 115 Comparative Government 3 units
PLSC 200 National, State and Local Government 3 units
Total Required Major Units: 18 - 19
General Education - certified completion of one of the following:
  • California State University General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE Breadth),
  • OR
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC/CSU) pattern
Elective courses: If applicable, additional courses to meet the minimum 60 CSU transferable units requirement.

Please refer to Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Requirements for more information.