The Career Readiness and Job Placement Hub

The Career Readiness and Job Placement program offers a wide variety of services and resources designed to assist students in landing their dream job and to meet their individual career and employment goals.

The hub serves students and community members who are looking for assistance with getting a job or paid internship, creating a resume, building a quality LinkedIn profile, preparing for an interview or expanding your network. Please take a moment to share your interests by completing this get-to-know-you form and we will contact you directly to support your needs!

Check out our website for more information: Students who are still exploring a major or career are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of career exploration programs and services.

Career Counselors help students discover their skills, interests and values and how these can be applied in major and career exploration. We help you with the following:

  1. Getting to know yourself and DISCOVER your skills, interests and values.
  2. Helping you EXPLORE how you can tie your attributes to different major and career options.
  3. Helping you DECIDE on your goal by coming to a resolution while considering all your options.
  4. Clarify your educational pathway to better PLAN with your academic counselor.

By meeting with a career counselor you'll have a better understanding of your career choices, the classes you should be taking to get there, and the salary figure expected in those jobs. We want to help you set goals and find careers that are fulfilling and enjoyable.

The Career Readiness and Job Placement team have identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for the various services provided:

  • Students who access Career Readiness and Job Placement services will learn techniques to improve their career readiness and land their dream job.
  • Students who take career assessments and review the results with a career faculty will be able to identify potential careers and related majors.
  • Students will have access to Career Readiness and Job Placement Resources.