The Center For Career And Workforce Programs

The Center for Career and Workforce Programs brings together career education and workforce programming. The Center collaborates with Skyline College academic departments and programs, business and industry, community-based organizations, and governmental agencies to connect individuals with effective career education programs that provide college credit and access to in-demand careers. The Center develops and administers federal, state, local, and foundation grants and contracts for career education and economic and workforce development projects and initiatives. The Center facilitates the delivery of workforce development programs, college and career connection events, employer panels, innovative industry partnerships and services designed to meet local labor market needs.

TThe Center for Career and Workforce Programs is responsible for coordinating the delivery of contracted worksite or campus-based customized training and educational solutions using credit and not-for-credit courses, associated services, and programs requested by the public and private-sector organizations. Training services are provided when and where they are needed and when they are requested-during the workday, after hours, at the worksite, or on the campus. The Center is located in Building 1, Room 1311. For more information, please contact Andrea Vizenor, Director of Career and Workforce Programs at, (650) 738-7124 or visit