Career Services Center

The Career Services Center offers a wide variety of services and resources to assist students with their individual career and employment goals. Students are encouraged to explore career options by taking advantage of our comprehensive career services:

  • Career and academic counseling
  • Career assessments and Interpretations – Assessments aid in determining personal traits, interests, values, and strengths related to individual career paths. These can be helpful for an undecided student when selecting his/her major academic concentration
  • Employment and Internship Services: Students and local residents can get personalized job search and Internship assistance, access to workforce services, unemployment insurance benefits, veterans and youth services.
  • Workshops that address career research and Job Search skills
  • Career Conversation Series and Employer Spotlights
  • Job and Internship Postings at
  • Career Networking Night, Job Fairs and Internship Fair
  • Career exploration and job-search resources detailing preparatory education, training requirements, and labor market trends for specific career fields
  • EUREKA, a computer-based California Career Information System
  • Perfect Interview-innovative learning tool that you can use to enhance your job interviewing skills.
  • Employment Services- Students and local residents can get personalized job search assistance, access to workforce services, unemployment insurance bene fits, Veterans and Youth services

The Center is located in Building 1, Room 1219B, (650) 738-4337. Visit or email

The Career Services Center faculty and staff have identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for the various services provided by Career Services:

  • Demonstrate the ability to express their career goals with clarity and purpose.
  • Students will be able to identify career services.
  • Career Info/Services: Student will be able to utilize and integrate career information/services to develop/maintain a successful career plan.